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  ScreenLife Film Festival 2

Buy Tickets HERE for our 2nd ScreenLife Film Festival on SUNDAY JUNE 29, 2014 at Cinebarre Arboretum!

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 The Acting Project is a place for anyone interested in taking acting classes, production classes or who just want to get engaged in the film, television and theater community here in Charlotte, NC!  Our creative director Matt Francis has a vision to educate actors and production individuals and help them to build their personal brand.  He is also passionate about helping them build an audience for themselves in the process thus creating opportunity for themselves in ways that have never existed before this social  media atmosphere!  He also desires to help performing arts  individuals and organizations connect through special events and educational workshops!


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Thank you Mark for your passion to "Pay it Forward," and give actors such insight into the Casting Director's world!

Also, Thank you to all those who attended.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  We look forward to working with some of you in the near future!

REMINDER! Classes start Monday September 9!

Please check out our classes page and register if you are interested ASAP!  



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Highlights of this course:

Acting for the camera

Ensemble work

How to give and receive constructive criticism

Audition Techniques

Building your own Brand

Social Media strategy and application

How to film yourself for all the big casting directors

Finding the right agent

Meet and greet with several of the top local agencies

Online Film festival with online voting

Please email Matt if you are interested in filling out an application!

These classes will be performance based. Each session will have performances and exercises that are filmed and put on YouTube the following week. Our goal is to create a higher level of focus and to grow an audience for each of our performers as well as the studio! Each semester will end with a red carpet film festival followed by online voting and awards! It's called the

Screen Life Film Festival!  



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